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We Can Help You Fight To Keep Your Home

The threat of foreclosure can cause fear and hopelessness. After months of late mortgage payments, you may receive a notice of foreclosure on your home, making the possibility of losing your place of residence a reality.

At the Ellicott City, Maryland, Law Offices of Marc A. Ominsky, LLC, we provide skilled and experienced foreclosure defense representation to individuals who want to keep their home, catch up on their financial obligations and achieve a stronger financial future. We can help you understand the various legal options available to you, and our attorneys offer compassionate support to individuals and businesses navigating these complex circumstances.

Foreclosure Is Not Your Only Option

The party that holds your loan has the right to claim ownership of the house if you default on your mortgage. You would be wise not to ignore notices of late mortgage payments, but to be proactive and take steps to protect your interests as soon as possible. We know the law, and we can identify the specific options you may have to avoid foreclosure altogether.

We explore every possibility that could be available to you to determining if you may move forward with any following possible defense actions:

  • You may be able to seek a modification of your loan amount by negotiating more affordable terms with your lender. This could be through a reduction in payments, elimination of late fees and more.
  • Through special loan forbearance, your lender may agree to reinstate your loan after a period of at least 90 days. This may allow you time to catch up on mortgage payments or delay back payments.
  • A negotiated deed in lieu is an agreed upon plan to transfer the title to your home to the lender, who will then cancel the foreclosure. This could spare you from some of the negative impacts of foreclosure.

We take the time to explain every option. Our lawyer will make sure you understand the benefits and potential drawbacks of your choice, such as the impact your choice will have on your credit and future financial interests.

We Truly Care About Your Financial Future

Facing the threat of foreclosure is overwhelming. You do not have to face it alone. Find out if bankruptcy or another option is optimal for you. We offer clients free evaluations in bankruptcy-related cases. Contact our office at (443) 539-8712  or email us to learn more.

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