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Parents do not have to be best friends for co-parenting to work

Having a child may have been the greatest day of your life and your spouse's life. You undoubtedly imagined all the wonderful adventures you would have as a family and how the two of you would watch your child grow and work as a team to nurture that growth. Of course, now that you are going through a divorce, you may have concerns about those visions remaining a reality.

Health care costs a leading cause of bankruptcy

Health care in America is expensive. Without health insurance it is even more so. An unexpected health care crisis can drive a family to bankruptcy in Maryland if they do not have the means to pay the medical bills. This point was driven home recently in a story that happened in another state.

Charge of driving under the influence includes child abuse charge

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can cause a person to be confused and act in an untypical way. A recent incident in Denton has left a mother behind bars and an 18-month-old child in the hospital. Maryland law enforcement had responded to a call that indicated a child may have been left on the side of a road by a woman who then got in her car and drove off. Police suspect the woman of driving under the influence.

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