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Chapter 7 bankruptcies sometimes caused by student loan debt

The issue of student loan debt is one that has been a frequent topic of conversation in the media in recent weeks and months. The amount of outstanding student loan debt in 2019 is believed to be about $1.5 trillion. A large amount of that debt is held by millennials. In Maryland and elsewhere, many of them are struggling to find good paying jobs and are unable to repay their loans, causing them to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy can come to a farmer's aid

Agriculture is a vital industry in Maryland and across the United States. It is an industry that is greatly reliant on weather and good or bad weather can make or break a farmer's year. Debt is a reality in most people's lives and as long as it is managed does not necessarily lead to a financial crisis. When an event occurs that is beyond one's control, a managed situation can quickly spiral into a crisis. Bankruptcy can provide tools to help one survive the crisis.

You don't have to put up with harassment from creditors

Like other Maryland residents before you, your financial situation appears to be in a downward spiral. No matter how much you cut corners, your efforts to address your overwhelming debt on your own does not yield results. Making the situation worse are the constant phone calls and other contact, demanding payment, and you suspect that the behavior crosses the line into harassment from creditors.

Bankruptcy can be a tool to a new beginning

Debt can be a useful tool but it can also become an overwhelming burden. If the burden becomes too great one option for getting out from under that burden in Maryland is to declare bankruptcy. Declaring it provides a way to eliminate or drastically reduce existing debt, but the bankruptcy declaration remains on one's credit report for many years and can impact a person's ability to take on new debt. There are ways to bounce back from bankruptcy.

Health care costs a leading cause of bankruptcy

Health care in America is expensive. Without health insurance it is even more so. An unexpected health care crisis can drive a family to bankruptcy in Maryland if they do not have the means to pay the medical bills. This point was driven home recently in a story that happened in another state.

Bankruptcy may provide some relief following the shutdown

The government shutdown is entering its second month. The implications of this are widespread and will soon be felt by many more, in Maryland and around the country, as tax refunds may be delayed, and possible delays and interruptions in air travel may occur. One group of people who are not getting the attention but may stand to suffer more than most are government contract workers, and some have said the shutdown could cause them to file for bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy offers opportunity to overcome unmanageable debt

Debt is a word that all Americans over a certain age are familiar with. It comes in many different forms, including student loans, credit cards and medical expenses, to name a few. Bankruptcy is also a familiar term to many in Maryland and across the country, but some are less familiar with its definition when compared to the word debt. 

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