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Protecting Your Parental Rights In Divorce

Child custody is often one of the most complex and contentious issues whether you are married or not. If you are a parent facing the prospect of divorce or the end of a relationship, we understand you have serious concerns about the terms of your custody and visitation order. Our goal is to help you achieve a custody arrangement that protects the interests of your children and your parental rights.

You have the right to maintain a strong relationship with your children after your divorce is final. Our attorneys at the Law Offices of Marc A. Ominsky, LLC, have decades of experience in complex family law matters, and we help moms and dads in Maryland pursue terms that allow them to remain an active and loving presence in the lives of their kids.

What Custody Arrangement Is Right For Your Family?

No two families are the same, and no two custody arrangements should be, either. There are several different types of custody, and our lawyers are committed to helping you understand the options available to you and how you can pursue a custody order that is beneficial for your children. Types of custody include:

  • Sole custody: This is when one parent retains full custody of the children. The other parent may still have visitation rights.
  • Joint custody: This is a common type of custody arrangement, in which both parents share parenting time and access to the children.
  • Legal custody: This is the right whereby one parent makes decisions on behalf of his or her children. Parents can share legal custody or one parent may retain this right, even while sharing parenting time.

Courts are now more equitable in their custody determinations, and they recognize the importance of allowing kids to maintain strong relationships with both parents after a divorce is final. Joint custody arrangements are quite common. Whether you will face a lengthy court battle regarding custody or we help you negotiate, we can shield your interests, protect your parental rights, and help you ensure your kids have security and stability in the future.

Helping You With Important Divorce Decisions

You do not have to walk through the divorce process alone. When you are dealing with custody concerns, we will serve as the committed and dedicated advocates you deserve. Based in Columbia, Maryland, we are happy to discuss your case with you. Call (443) 539-8712  or email us to schedule a case evaluation.

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