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At the Law Offices of Marc A. Ominsky, we firmly believe that everyone is entitled to thorough representation by experienced and knowledgeable attorneys. We have made it our mission to produce integrity-based, results-oriented legal services that focus upon your specific needs.

The Law Offices of Marc A. Ominsky, offer professional legal services in:

  • Bankruptcy Law: Overwhelming debt due to divorce, unemployment, or a struggling business can cause tremendous stress and affect your financial well-being for years to come. Fortunately, there is a solution. Bankruptcy can be a valuable tool when facing financial obstacles that can affect your family and/or business. Our premier bankruptcy law firm is here to get your financial well-being back on track.
  • Family Law: We understand going through a divorce, child custody, or family law issues can be a painful experience. Our compassionate and professional team will serve as your legal advocate so your family can move on with their lives.
  • Personal Injury Law: Suffering from personal injuries can have a devastating impact to your life and family. Our legal team is dedicated to defending your rights against the insurance companies that often take advantage of vulnerable victims.
  • DUI/DWI Law: Being convicted of a DUI/DWI can severely impact your day-to-day life and have long-lasting implications to your future. If you’ve been accused of this serious charge, you need a team that can take immediate action to prepare your defense.
  • Civil Litigation: Are you currently in a legal dispute over property, assets, or a workers' compensation claim? Let our seasoned attorneys work toward resolving your dispute in a timely fashion by contacting our firm.
  • Business Law: We believe in protecting our client’s hard work & dreams by having a meticulous knowledge of Corporate Law. We are dedicated to protecting your interests in the business world.

As your legal lifeline, our attorneys will never let you go it alone. Call us today at (443) 539-8712 and let us begin the process of getting your life back on track.

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