Health care costs a leading cause of bankruptcy

Health care in America is expensive. Without health insurance it is even more so. An unexpected health care crisis can drive a family to bankruptcy in Maryland if they do not have the means to pay the medical bills. This point was driven home recently in a story that happened in another state.

A woman who was volunteering with an organization had offered to give a speech on behalf of the organization. She had written her presentation and inadvertently deleted it. She was understandably nervous when she got up to the podium to speak. When she did start speaking she noticed her words were slurred and that she wasn’t making sense. A friend realized something was very wrong and called for help.

Though she had no insurance, friends and first responders urged her to go to the hospital. She was diagnosed as having had a transient ischemic attack (TIA), also known as a mini stroke. She went home and did recover but received a bill from the hospital for $26,203.62, which was due in 20 days. This case is one of thousands. Approximately 5 percent of Americans have overdue medical bills or unpaid medical bills on their credit reports.

The medical debt problem is expected to get worse as the number of uninsured people in Maryland increases. In addition, many people carry less expensive plans that offer less coverage or plans that have very high deductibles. Someone who is dealing with high medical debt could benefit from seeking the advice of an experienced bankruptcy attorney. A knowledgeable lawyer can inform the client of his or her rights and advise one of what legal options are available.