Motor vehicle accidents are all too frequent on beltway

Nice weather has arrived, and people in Maryland are riding motorcycles that had been stored for the winter. It is widely believed that defensive driving is a best practice in heavy traffic situations. Tragically, defensive driving is not always enough to prevent fatal motor vehicle accidents.

It is no secret that traffic on the Washington Beltway can be treacherous. An accident involving a motorcycle on the Maryland portion of the highway revealed how treacherous it can be. The accident occurred when a vehicle attempted to merge into traffic from an on-ramp.

An off-duty police officer from Prince George’s County was riding home on a recent evening. As he was passing near an on-ramp, a car attempted to merge into traffic but reportedly struck a street sweeper and then lost control. The car then crossed several lanes and struck the officer’s motorcycle. The force of the impact caused the officer to be thrown over a Jersey barrier into oncoming traffic. He was transported to University of Maryland Prince George’s Hospital Center where he later died as result of his injuries.

The sudden death of a loved one in Maryland due to motor vehicle accidents can be a horrible shock to the family and loved ones left behind. There is little that can be said or done to ease the grief, and no one can undo what happened. A conversation with a personal injury attorney can help a person to determine if a civil suit against the party deemed responsible is a viable option. A successfully litigated suit can provide compensation for medical costs, final costs and other verifiable losses.