Facing a DUI charge? Make sure it’s legitimate

You were traveling after work and decided to take a break at a local bar before going home. You thought it would be nice to grab something to eat and drink, watch the game and then head back.

You didn’t think that you’d have enough to drink to be at risk of driving drunk, so you had no qualms about getting into your car after dinner and heading home. Unfortunately, an officer watching you pull out from the bar was following you. You felt uncomfortable with it and looked away from the road for a few seconds to check your mirrors. You went out of your lane temporarily and adjusted back quickly, but this was enough for the officer to pull you over.

Now, they’re claiming that you’re too intoxicated to drive.

Fortunately, your attorney can look into the evidence that was gathered against you for a DUI charge and determine if:

  • The police made any errors
  • Sobriety tests were used or administered correctly
  • The traffic stop was unlawful
  • The officer could prove that you were intoxicated or impaired during the traffic stop

It truly isn’t fair for an officer to follow a vehicle and try to wait for mistakes just to make a stop. If you were doing nothing wrong and were driving safely, then that kind of situation could seem unusual to the courts. Your attorney will help you look into why the officer was following you and if the stop was actually legal based on the events that day. It’s important for you to work on a defense and to defend yourself carefully in situations like this.