The 4th of July saw 19 DUI crashes in Maryland

The Fourth of July has always been a holiday focused around celebrating. For many people, that includes sharing some alcoholic beverages with friends and family members. Every year, that means that people get arrested on DUI charges, often as they try to drive home.

This year was no exception in Maryland. When only looking at accidents that were suspected to have links to intoxicated driving, reports claim that there were 19 crashes. A total of 18 people were arrested. Some of the accidents were single-car crashes, but 12 or more of them involved multiple cars.

The state police released this information in order to ask people not to drive under the influence. News reports also noted that this holiday, in particular, tends to lead to a spike in crashes every year.

That said, these statistics only concern themselves with traffic crashes. For everyone who gets into an accident, you have many more people who drive under the influence and do not crash. Out of those, you have a few people who get pulled over and arrested on similar charges. It’s important to remember that it does not take an accident to get arrested and put behind bars. The police just need to conduct a valid traffic stop and then determine that they think you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

If you get arrested, think about the impact it could have on your future. You’ll need to pay fines. It could impact your job or your career. You may lose your license. You can quickly see why it’s important to understand all of your legal options. A defense attorney can help you understand what happens next.