Did You Know that Falling at a Waterpark/Pool Can Lead to a Legal Case?

The summer is here, and it’s a great time to head to an outdoor pool or waterpark. It’s hot outside, so being able to cool down is a treat.

You do need to be cautious around pools and wet surfaces, though. In a worst-case scenario, a slick area could be wet and have no friction, which could lead to you falling.

What should you do if you fall at a waterpark or public pool?

If you slip and fall when you’re at a waterpark or public pool, it’s important for you to let the facility’s staff or owner know right away. Some have their own medical staff onsite that can help provide you with some medical attention until an emergency medical team comes or you’re able to get to the emergency room.

When you fall, you should make note of why it happened. For example, if you were walking and slipped on a slick area of sidewalk, then the owner may be liable for not resurfacing the area to add friction. Similarly, if you slip and fall because of damage or defects, you may have a case.

Not all slip-and-fall accidents are going to turn into a lawsuit, but if the waterpark or pool’s owner did not take care of maintaining the property, you may have a case. You could have the right to sue a guest, the waterpark’s owner, an employee or others, depending on the reason for your injuries.

The summer can be fun, especially when days are spent at the waterpark, but you should know your legal rights if you get hurt. Our site has more on the steps to take next.