Do not squander your right to a legal remedy after slip-and-fall injuries

People slip and fall frequently here in the Columbia area of Maryland. In most cases, the worst that happens is that you walk away unharmed but embarrassed.

What many people do not realize is that slip-and-fall accidents have the potential to result in serious injuries, even if you feel okay at first. Instead of dismissing the incident altogether and taking your bruised ego home to heal, consider seeing a doctor. This is your first and arguably most important step should you decide that your injures are worse than you originally thought.

By getting a medical opinion, you will have a formal record of the consequences of your slip-and-fall. Some slip-and-fall incidents can result in head injuries in which symptoms may be elusive or seem relatively minor. In such cases, having a medical record detailing the nature of the incident, your injuries and your prescribed medical treatment can help you build a winning case.

If you realize that you need compensation for your harm, pursuing an injury or premises liability claim is an effective way to build up a weak bank account. In turn, the compensation you win enables you to pay your doctor bills and replace any wages lost due to your injury.

It is true that most injuries from a slip-and-fall turn to out be minor at worst. However, our attorneys have seen how injuries suffered in this manner can worsen and begin to affect many areas of your life. Being prepared to file a claim is always a wise decision in the wake of any situation that results in physical harm.

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